I had a good understanding on what I needed to do to be more successful to have my business grow. I also knew that I was the one getting in the way of my next level of success. Working with Sharon helped me to see what I couldn’t. The patterns of behavior I was repeating that were keeping me stuck and just out of reach of my goals.  This was my first experience with a business coach and what I found the most value were the processes that helped me transform the way I always approached things.  I had great ideas and would start many projects, Sharon helped me to harness my ideas and stay focused on the ones that aligned with my business goals.  Sharon believed in what I was doing and her support and encouragement kept me motivated to stay on track and on a forward trajectory.  We came together to work on the roadblocks around business and finances, the bonus was that other areas of my life were influenced in a positive way.  A business and life coach helped me and my business to simply be better.

~Daurene, Personal & Business Investments, Henderson, NV

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