Hello! My name is Sharon Nelson, and my purpose is to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.




Where Life Works Nautilus My focus is communication, and helping you reach the most important people in your life effectively. Whether that’s your partner, parents, children, friends, or the people you work with, I can help turn your interactions into productive, powerful experiences that are…dare I say it?…fun!

The problem with communication is that most of us don’t know how to express our needs—or understand the needs of others—without pushing, blowing up, running away, or shutting down.

I can help you transform your communication skills, so that you can speak from a place of honesty and integrity, every time!

So let me ask you—do you feel frustrated when trying to communicate your needs to your mate, your kids, your boss or coworkers? Do you find trying to get your needs met so stressful that you just shut down? I did. I felt that way for most of my life.


My primary source of frustration came from my primary relationship of 27 years.

Where Life Works NautilusYou would think after that much time together, we’d know how to communicate, but we didn’t. Poor communication inevitably destroys all relationships—when neither party feels understood, no one is happy.

After the collapse of my marriage, I was forced to examine myself and my beliefs. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was taking my first steps on a journey that would change my entire life—a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Looking back, I clearly see how my emotions were controlling me… old, restrictive thoughts, fears and perceptions. It got so bad…walking on egg shells, blowing up or shutting down…I was not confident in saying what I needed to say.

And it didn’t stop there! Oh, I looked like I had it all together on the outside, but my strategy of shutting down on the inside was affecting my work, my family, my friends…in short, MY LIFE WAS A MESS.


Then one day, I was given a tool.

Where Life Works NautilusOn the first day of a new job, a complete stranger gave me a powerful tool—something that opened my mind and heart to the endless possibilities available to me.

In that moment, I knew that I had discovered a new way to live.

The Enneagram is a tool to understand yourself. It shows you what your blind spots are, what’s in the background — that which is driving your behavior, how you communicate and how you show up in the world.

Your inside is a mirror to your outside

I knew I had to make changes, to transform how I was showing up in my life and fast. So, I dedicated myself to my own evolvement, in the laboratory of my own life. I studied the Masters of Thought, the Conditioned Mind, and Accelerated Belief Change Systems.

I created a signature system that exposes the hidden emotional beliefs that dictate all our decisions and choices. Through my coaching, workshops and customized programs, my students have changed how they communicate with all the people in their lives and, even more remarkable, transformed every area of their lives! From Frustrated and Paralyzed to Peaceful, Powerful, and enjoying Revived Juicy Relationships. Many in 3 weeks or less.

The first step is, Know Thyself. This is nothing new, but using the Enneagram, I can show you how.


I will teach you how to communicate from a soft heart, instead of a hard head.

Where Life Works NautilusThis tried and true technique has worked for thousands, and it can work for you. I will teach you about why you communicate the way you do, and how you can transform your communication so that your needs are met without offending or defending.

Our most common mistake is to act from a place of fear, using our head in an attempt to protect our heart. Putting up a wall means shutting ourselves off, and others out. You are too busy thinking about the next thing you are going to say—the next point you’ll make to defend yourself. It’s frustrating, and when we’re frustrated, we lose the ability to express ourselves.

This is how we hit the point of forcing an issue.


Everything you do is because of your conditioning—your patterns and beliefs.

Where Life Works NautilusFortunately, it is all stored in your subconscious. Once this is brought to the surface, you can transform the way you communicate—you will be reaching others more effectively almost instantly!

The language that speaks from the heart is different than the language that speaks from the head. The heart is softer, and much more effective at communicating. My programs reveal and identify the conditioned patterns of communication, so you can learn this new language that will transform the way you communicate. And while it’s transforming the way you communicate, this time-tested, proven signature system will also transform your life.

In a perfect world, everything you say is fully understood. No wrong ideas, impressions, or meanings. There is a connection that is deep, genuine, and harmonious. Is this possible? Yes! Let me show you how!